Gym Essentials

Going to the gym can be one of the most dreaded feelings. Mainly, the act of physically getting in your car and driving to the gym.  The reality is once you’re in the gym you feel way better than when you came in. Here are my “gym essentials”.

Workout Clothes– Finding the right workout clothes is important, as it can be expensive and some materials can’t hold you when you’re jumping around. I like this type of sports bra because it has neck support, not just bra strands.

Makeup Wipes- Especially if you suffer from acne. The sweat can infect your face. It is important to have a clean face when working out.

Hat– I don’t always wear hats. Especially, since I do have acne issues as the sweat can build up in my forehead. I occasionally like wearing hats because it keeps me zoned in and away from distractions.

Water Bottle– WATER IS LIFE. It is important to stay hydrated when you are working out. This water bottle is 22oz.

Shoes– Shoes are extremely important to not get injured. Depending on what exercises you will be doing, the right shoe can really make a difference.

Bluetooth Headphones– I saved the best for last! Music gets me in the mood to workout. It always helps me get motivated 🙂

If you have Spotify “Beast Mode” is a great playlist for working out.


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