My Journey to Veganism

On April of 2016, my sister and I were at our parents for a weekend and she had a spiritual awakening. She watched countless videos about animal cruelty and how farm animals suffer before their death sentence. My eyes filled with tears when I saw how these animals are abused before they are slaughtered.

I then decided to stop eating meat. I actually gave up meat back in 2014, for about 10 months. I eventually gave in and ate meat again. My journey to veganism has been gradual. I found giving up yogurt, milk, and eggs easy BUT cheese hard. I found giving up Chicken, Pork, and Beef easy but not Fish. I occasionally eat fish, but my ultimate goal is to cut off all animal products. I want to share my journey and recipes for anyone going through this transition. I don’t discriminate against meat eaters. Unfortunately, this page will only contain vegetarian options. BUT don’t shy away as veggies are important to the diet.

2 thoughts on “My Journey to Veganism

    1. Beans are a good source of protein. My go to veggies are broccoli and mushroom. Mushrooms are a big part of my diet. Zucchini and Brussels sprouts are probably my second go to vegetables. When I first started my journey, I ate a lot of tofu by making tofu scrambles. Seasoning is a big part of making these veggies tasteful.


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