How I Start My Day……

Mornings can be the WORST, especially when you are deep in your dreams and the alarm goes off bringing your mind to consciousness. The reality is, your morning routine can have an effect on your entire day.

My morning routine can vary from day to day. Usually, after I cook the night before, I’m not motivated to clean up and just want to go to bed. I feel bad because I leave this task for the next day. On these occasions, after brushing my teeth, cleaning my face and changing, I go to my kitchen and pick up from the night before. I am extra motivated in the mornings, and this gets my body moving.

While I am cleaning, I will have one glass of water. Then, I start my coffee and while it’s brewing, I walk my dog. During the walk is when I usually do my breathing exercises. I meditate and breath in the fresh air. I give thanks out loud for being graced with another day. (If you don’t have a dog, you can do this exercise by a window or outside.) I either eat oatmeal or drink my morning smoothie. I usually drink my coffee on the go as I get started for the day.

It is amazing how waking up with a grateful heart can change your day!

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