My Bedroom Decoration

This past year, I moved homes and decided to start fresh with decorations and furniture.

I also wanted to do it on a budget. I wanted to create an ambiance of relaxation but also chic. I focused on black, white and blue tones. For those who aren’t professional home decorators, Pinterest is the best tool! Pinterest it is great for ideas. Use it as a guide to resemble what you are looking for. Second, keep receipts! When I would see something in the store and brought it home it wouldn’t look quite as I imagined it.


  1. Homegoods- Ottoman and blue lamp. The ottoman was the most expensive purchase besides my bed. It was about $200. I bought it to keep my decorative pillows in. Also, it’s a good place for my dog to sleep in.
  2. Walmart- Decorative pillows, Brooklyn bridge frame, and nightstands.
  3. Costco- Comforter.

Another place I filled my home full of decorations was Hobby Lobby. It’s best to wait until they have special offers on the weekends.

Also, don’t underestimate facebook marketplace. It’s another great place to buy furniture from.

You can spend a lot of money or do it frugally. I found that starting with an idea of the space I wanted to create made the ball start moving, and then ideas started coming together.

Please comment if you have any questions about buying decor and furniture!

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