The Art of Failing

The art of failing. You might be thinking to yourself there is no “art” to “failing”. Which is true, you either fail or you succeed. Doesn’t get much clearer than that. The art lies beneath on how you react to your failures. I have failed many times. I have constantly put myself out there and done things that were out of my comfort zone.  I want to share one failure that stuck out to me while writing this post. I tried out for a Latin beauty pageant/reality show. At 21 years old, I still had no idea what major I wanted to focus on in college. I finally asked myself what I am good at? I love talking to people. I decided to study and major in communications with the hopes of becoming a television presenter.

At this point, the reality show, Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina, had been on the air for about 8 years. I loved that show! It consisted of 12 women, competing in different challenges and obstacles every week. Each week the viewers would vote for their favorite candidate.  Whoever had the least amount of votes, would be in the hot seat. There were three judges and they would ultimately be the ones who chose who went home. At the end, the audience would choose between four candidates. Whoever had the most votes, won. The grand prize was a contract with the Univision network, and the opportunity to be part of the network’s talk shows. Univision is still one of the biggest Hispanic networks on air.  I really believed this was a great opportunity for my career in television.

I practiced my speech, recorded myself daily, and perfected my Spanish. I got in the best shape I had ever been in. The big day came for auditions. My boyfriend and I flew to Chicago. We sat in the freezing cold outside, overnight for over 7 hours with other hopefuls. When I finally got inside to audition, the process was intimidating. It consisted of presenting yourself, doing a catwalk, and then demonstrating a talent. After I passed the first half, it was time for my talent portion.  I froze as all those days of practicing came rushing down to one moment. And I BLEW IT! Let’s just say, I didn’t make it to the second round. I was devastated. All those months of practicing, and in one day it all came crashing down. Although, at that moment and the many days following that I felt down on myself, I became thankful for that opportunity.

Sometimes I take a step forward and then two steps backward. Take this blog, for example, I might not connect with anyone and fail at this. Still, I’m so excited and found a connection with writing. I don’t care if I fail.

What exactly is the art of failing? To me, it’s putting myself out there. After failures happen I do get upset, angry, and depressed. That’s okay, but after I let those stages pass, I look back at those experiences and am grateful for trying. I look at my failures as if they were a learning experience to me. Even though I might not give it a second try. The art is what lies beneath those failures. If I never fail, I wouldn’t ever know what I am capable of. I hope you read this and think back on your failures. Then, take a moment to be thankful for them. Take what you learn and try again or try something different.

Please comment on your experiences with failures and how it changed your perspective.

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