Ten Things I Learned Since Graduating High School

I will be attending my tenth year high school reunion this weekend. I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I graduated! Time does fly by. In honor of this occasion, I want to share 10 things I learned since graduating high school. (In no particular order)  

 Networking. I was social in high school, but I didn’t make a connection with my teachers. I wished I had. In life, it is who you know and what you know. You never know when a person you meet can change your world. Meet people, talk to strangers, go to network events, join LinkedIn, attend free workshops, go to a group of an interest, join a book club, group chats, and forums.  Meet people and actually listen to them. You never know when that connection may come in handy! 

Finances. High School does not teach you about life lessons. One being how to manage money. We need money to survive. I personally haven’t had an interest in finances until the past couple of years. With many resources at our fingertips, read about your credit score. Learn how to budget. Put money in your savings account. Learn how to invest. Pay off debt! Read financial books, google finance terms, use a credit score website tool, read thoroughly on a credit card your applying for.

College is just the first step to adulthood– College is nothing like high school. In high school, if you showed up, you usually passed the course. The first step is deciding a major. That still boggles my mind. How we are expected at eighteen to make a decision of what major we want to focus and graduate with?  Concentrating on a special skill can change what career you want to pursue.  I didn’t decide what major I wanted to focus on until late in my college life. I don’t regret it. I tried different courses until I found a course I enjoyed.

Work hard for your dreams. Only we can push ourselves to make our dreams happen. We won’t have teachers or parents pushing us. We are solely responsible for working hard and continuing on our paths. Here is a tip, YOU WILL NEVER GET RICH WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Explore your talents, try different skills, and most importantly don’t give up. In your free time teach yourself skills. Keep working and hustling through. Don’t let haters bring you down. We determine our future.You are solely responsible for your life.

Academics. Don’t stop learning! Even if you don’t continue to a higher education. Read books, blogs, news post, podcast, audio books. If you don’t know something google it. Surround yourself with people you can learn from. Pick up a hobby, mine is coloring. It keeps my mind busy. Don’t let your brain stop working!

High School Social Hierarchy. No one gives a F**K in the real world who you were in high school. If you didn’t have a great high school experience, change that in your adulthood.  Those days do not reflect who you are meant to become. Even if you had a great high school reputation, that legacy won’t follow you. We change and grow every year.  You won’t be the same person you were yesterday. Keep growing.

Your Body Will Change- We all love those gym class days. “The easy credit”. We play sports and stay active as teenagers. Then we graduate. Depending on our career choices or free time, our body changes. Especially if you have given birth. I was blessed to be thin throughout my childhood. Once I graduated my body has transformed throughout the years. There are years I am more focus than others. Just keep going. Find your fitness motivation or physical preference. Explore, go hiking, go running, join a gym, take classes, do yoga. Not only is it important to stay active but eat healthily. Learn about what you put in your body. As we get older it is harder to lose weight. Start today!

Friendships and Relationships-  In high school, we see each other every day. You will probably spend more time with your friends and classmates during those years. As you grow older, life gets in the way. You will have to work harder for friendships. I still have a couple of best friends from high school that I still keep in touch with. Social media has helped to stay in touch with them. The older you get you realize friendships take time, patience, and work. Friendships are a two-way street. Both of you have to put effort into making time for each other. I have been blessed to make connections with people and friends that have truly transformed my life.

Gossiping-  Oh good old high school days, when everyone’s secrets and business will go on blast within seconds. “Did you know _ had sex with _.??” Gossip spreads like the flu in high school. Now gossiping is something I have struggled with. Every year, I add “stop gossiping” on my vision board. Gossiping isn’t a total bad thing but it does cause more trouble than its worth. Be careful of what you say about someone.  With friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family. One thing you say can truly blow up on your face. Be conscious of your words and who share them with.

 Love Yourself- In high school, we are going through weird hormones. We are more self-conscious of who we are. What we wear, what we drive, how we look, and how we think.  When you don’t love yourself you can easily fall into depression and abuse. LOVE YOURSELF AND ALL OF YOURSELF. Believe me, once you truly love your body, soul and become your biggest cheerleader your outlook in life is completely different.  Now there is a difference between loving yourself and being selfish or conceited and confident. Stay humble and true to yourself!

 Overall, I had a good high school experience. I felt the high school was a bubble. Once you get out you realize about the world around you. You learn about real issues and experiences that change your life forever. If you are currently in high school and are being bullied or feel like an outsider, believe me when I say HIGH SCHOOL will pass. Those people who are bullying you will become a far distant memory.  High school is just a small fraction of your whole life. Cheers to growing up. Please comment below about what you have learned since high school! 

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