Why Vision Board?

Last year for new years eve, my friends and I got together for a vision board party.  It was my first time ever doing a vision board. My friend encouraged me to do one, as she has done them in prior years.

Let me start off by telling you what a vision board is. It is literally a board with goals written all over it. You can get as creative as you want with your boards.What you will need: A whiteboard, sharpies, magazines, glue, and scissors. This past year, I got more creative. I bought glitter pens and ribbons.

We talked about our past year as we prepared for the new year. Then, we write down goals for the new upcoming year. We started a tradition! Making the actual vision boards is exciting,. BUT, that really isn’t even the most exciting part. It’s writing down your goals that make it all worth it.

Now, why do I believe in a vision board?  Well, I could go on for days on how having a positive mind is extremely important. The truth is…. as much as I talk about positivity.I also get down at times. I just feel like giving up on my goals. I get impatient when I don’t see results. I loose faith and my positive mind soon diminish. Let me tell you that all that is okay. That is why having a visual reminder is very important. Believing those words will come into action by visualizing those goals. Now, you will need to write down MEASURABLE goals. My goals are a mixture of health, finances, family and growth. Overall, I want to become a well- rounded person.

As I write goals down, I think deeply of what those goals will mean to the value of my life. Once the vision board is done, you will need to hang it somewhere you can see it. I don’t look at it every day, but occasionally I will check my progress.  Then, I meet with my friend for the half-year mark. We go through our goals and see where our progress is. Also, I write down the goals in my agenda to make them more tangible. The goal is to keep track of your progress. You can’t just write, “ Be thinner”, with no action to achieve that goal. Set your goals and put them into action! I encourage you to try to do a vision board or write out your goals and put them somewhere you can see them.  At the end of the year, go through your vision board as you prepare for a new year. Don’t worry if you didn’t complete some of your goals. That is not the point! The point is to have fun with your goals in life and try to accomplish them. One step at a time. We need little reminders to keep growing and evolving to the person we hope to become. I have had a lot of success with my vision board. I know you will too!


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