Fitness Journey 

My fitness journey began when I joined Zumba class at the local gym in summer of 2011. The class was cardio combined with music, I loved it! After a few months, I decided to become a member at the gym and finally focus on building and developing my muscles. It was overwhelming at first I felt scared, intimidated, lost, confused but I also felt excited about the new challenges. I was also afraid of my body transforming and looking more masculine rather than feminine. I was embarrassed and insecure about my performance at the gym. I felt alone and I did not want to ask for help. I was determined to overcome my doubts and fears so that I could prove myself wrong. I said to myself “I got this” and never looked backed.

First, I used social media to my advantage. I began by following fitness pages to educate myself on how to properly perform the exercises. The next few months I worked out religiously but was not seeing drastic results. I had become discouraged. I was at this point a moderated- nonaggressive trainee. What was I doing wrong? I believed that I was able to exercise a bad diet away. I ate whatever, however much and whenever I wanted. It had not occurred to me that this approach to food was unhealthy, I thought working out was enough. My unhealthy eating habits were having a negative effect on my body, even after working out religiously. I knew I had to make more changes.

In spring of 2014, my life changed completely. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and I immediately began to study the many causes of the disease. I quickly learned that a healthy diet is crucial to our health. Not only the foods we intake but how they’re grown can affect and cause many of the illnesses we face in America. I changed my diet. I switched to organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. I wish I would have adapted the 80% nutrition and 20% exercise concept from the beginning of my fitness journey. While I still haven’t achieved my goal, I’m still much closer than a few years ago. Now I still love food, but seeing and feeling the transformation in my health and body is what continues to motivate me on a daily basis. I am always working harder to make healthier decisions than I did yesterday. I’m loving life and enjoying every aspect of it. I have been blessed to continue this beautiful journey of life with my mother by my side and the rest of my family.                                                    Blog Author: Vanessa                                        

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