Favorite Face Products

1.Moisturizer. I don’t wear many face cream products.  What I do put on my face is a moisturizer. I highly recommend Bert Bees moisturizer. This moisturizer is lightweight and refreshing.



2.  Concealer Brush.  One of my biggest insecurity is my dark circles. Since I was a young, I always had dark circles.  Products which help me cover them up are on this list twice. First, is an oval concealer brush. I bought my oval brush at TJ Maxx. P.S Tj Maxx has great beauty products for an affordable price.  I couldn’t find my specific brush at TJ Maxx.com. Everything sold there is seasonal and at wholesale. I did find a link to an amazon brush.  This concealer brush is easy to use and I do recommend oval brushes.




3. Concealer-   As I mention my dark circle is one of my biggest insecurity.  People have told me they don’t even see them.  I guess, its mostly in my head.  I have tried using every kind of concealer.  I have bought expensive and cheap concealers. From Sephora to Walmart. I have felt finding the right concealer has been the most challenging.  I still haven’t found a long lasting concealer, but by far this is one of the best concealers I have tried.  Glamolauge from Hard Candy. The small tube has last me for a long time and at a very affordable price!



4.  Liquid Eyeliner. I love liquid eyeliner. I used to always wear eyeliner on my “everyday makeup” routine. Since getting older,  I don’t always wear eyeliner to my everyday routine.  Why liquid?  Liquid eyeliner doesn’t smudge as the pencil usually does and it has a thin applicator which makes it easy to layer on.  It is harder to use at first but once you get your “cat-eye”  down it becomes very easy. I love this Milani liquid eyeliner. It is very easy to apply and long lasting.


5.  Eyeshadow. I don’t think this is a surprise. Urban Decay did a great product. Not only marketing but the product is phenomenal.  I have had many eyeshadows in the past. I always used to lose them. The Naked palette is easy to carry.  The colors are great and go with many different occasions. Most important the colors last for a long time. I have had this palette for over two years.  Not an inexpensive product with $54 a pallet, but I will say it is worth it!


6. Blush. I love blush. Blush is one of my favorite makeup essential and it truly makes a difference in your face and complexion. This Nars blush tube is easy to apply. It lasts for a long time. Blush really depends on your preference. If you like the rosy cheek look or the glowy JLO look. You can find many good blushes at a reasonable price.



I don’t wear makeup every day. I usually try not to wear makeup. These are a few of my favorite products. One product that is missing is mascara. I do change mascara frequently.  That is why I didn’t feature one.  Another product you might notice is missing is a foundation. About a year ago, I stop using foundation as I  felt I really didn’t need it. With a good concealer and a blush, there is no real need for it. I try to use products that are animal cruelty-free. Please comment on a product you can’t live without!





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