Details of A New Moon Ceremony

I never knew there was such a thing as a new moon ceremony.  Honestly, it wasn’t until I was watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.  A show about five women navigating through middle age issues.  In one of the episodes, one of the woman throws a moon ceremony.  Afterward, I looked up new moon ceremony and was surprised to find all the information about it.   When I did research about it, it basically said you can make your own version of a moon ceremony. Theirs is no right or wrong way.  The symbolism of a new moon is the rebirth of the moon  Basically, every month we can focus on goals we want to let go of and start fresh.

This is my new moon ceremony.

What You Need:

  • Candles for ambiance.
  • Incense Sticks for energy.
  • View of the moon for visualizing.
  • Pen and paper to write on.
  • Low music preferably acoustic music.


  • After I setup up with candles and incense. I turned the music on low.
  • I start by holding hands with attendees and meditate for a minute.
  • After we meditate, I write down a list of things I want to let go.
  • I like sharing out loud my list even though it might be really personal. Make sure you are with a group you feel comfortable with. In the circle of trust, each attendee says things they want to let go off. As the new moon comes in,  we need to let go of things we want to put behind us.
  • After I read my list out loud, I burn the piece of paper on a candle. Make sure you are being cautious with the fire and are able to put it out. This gives it symbolism. As we can see those things we want to let go, BURN!
  • Then  I  write things I want to focus on for the next month. The list can be a wide spectrum of things, I  want to change in my life. You can also go in a circle and say those goals out loud.
  • I keep my list in my agenda. I sometimes carry goals over from month to month. These goals can be long-term or short-term.

I really have enjoyed doing this exercise.  The earth is a gift. The moon and the sun is a gift. It’s a perfect way to celebrate that!

Please share if you do new moon ceremonies and what do you do on yours. Also, if you have questions.





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